Meet Lee@Large

Born and raised in Alexandria. 

Graduated from Bolton High School and LSU. Married for 49 years to my wife Pam with two children, Adam and Mimi. Both kids are successful business owners and live in Alexandria. Seven grandchildren all attending central Louisiana public schools.


Semi-retired business owner. 

Formally owned Randall’s Formalwear and Cleaners for 25 years. Currently employed as a business coach with Business Acceleration System. 


Served on the Alexandria City Council... 

from 2012 to 2016. President of the City Council in 2016. Served as Chair of the Economic Development Committee for 3 years.


Current member of the Alexandria Rotary Club. 

Served as a board member and officer on numerous professional organizations before retirement.


Supporter of City, State and National causes...

that offer equal opportunities to everyone to become a successful member of society. Firm believe in a strong system of law and order applied equally to all.

Previous City Council experience and accomplishments...

• Reduced electricity bills for all citizens & businesses

• Worked to bring CLTCC to Downtown Alexandria

• Increased community activities in the Downtown Area


• Introduced new recreation and educational programs


• Helped with Downtown Alexandria Revitalization


• Championed addition of sporting facilities & expansion of Alexandria Zoo


• Promoted and improved working relationships between Council members

... and there is more exciting work to be done!